Monday, August 3, 2009

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, NINE!!!

Last week, on July 29, Corey and I celebrated our 9th year of marriage. I cannot believe that it has already been that long!!
I am so blessed to have him in my life. God placed the two of us together and I can honestly say that he has been and is my best friend. He has a heart for families of teenagers and ministering to them (which I love about him). Corey is incredibly loving and caring. He is so much fun to laugh with. He is a great listener, encourager and provider for our family. He is a hard worker and has a desire to know and learn more. He is a REALLY amazing dad. Nathan wants to do everything dad does and Kate lights up whenever he is around. I look forward to spending time with him (even if we are just running errands)! I could go on and on and still not be able to quite get my point across in writing. I treasure past times with Corey and look forward to what God has planned for our future together.
This past weekend we were able to go on a date night together, which was much needed and a lot of fun. We drove down to the Riverwalk in San Antonio and ate dinner at this really nice restaurant called, Boudros. Everything sounded good so it was hard for me to decide, but I ended up getting the Seafood Platter (which doesn't really sound fancy, but was) and Corey got the Blackened Prime Rib) so we could share. Wow, both were excellent! We got this new camera last week and noticed that it has an option to take "food" photos, so while we were there we tried it, but haven't really figured everything out on the camera--so I don't feel like the pictures do either plate justice. Here they are anyway:

Then, we decided (instead of a movie) to take a boat for a river tour. That was a lot of fun and pretty interesting, too! It was just nice to be able to take time and walk around enjoying the evening together.

Happy Anniversary, Corey! I LOVE YOU!