Sunday, January 4, 2009


For dinner tonight I opted for cereal instead of a sandwich. While Corey and Nathan were eating and watching "Horton Hears a Who" I opened the fridge to get some milk to go with that cereal. In some crazy way I instead flung a cup half full of triple berry/vanilla smoothie (one that I made this morning for Nathan that he wanted to save for who knows when...) all over me! flung into my left eye, covered my entire left ear and all my hair on that side, it left huge spots all over my pink (berry pink-luckily!) sweater and jeans, it also covered the floor. It reminded me of that show from the early nineties on Nickelodean where kids would get "slimed". Corey grabbed the mop and told me I had to look at myself all the while Nathan in all of his "empathy" said moarnfully, "Ohhhh, I really wanted that smoothie!"


Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

oh no! Slimed!! And you didn't even say "I don't know!" Lucky for you wearing the pink sweater though, right?

This all totally sounds like something I would do, except I would be wearing something white and/or dry clean only.

Kim said...

Too funny! I love the visual I get!! But, no picture to go along with the post??!! Megan's right, it's a good thing you were already in "berry pink"! :)

Marla K Bearden said...

Jennifer, That is so you!!!! What fun! Keep the blogging up. I enjoy reading it.