Wednesday, May 13, 2009

15 months

Kate went for her 15 month check up today and while I would love to say she is doing great, (because she usually is) she actually has an ear infection in her left ear. So, after our appointment I picked up the antibiotics and some motrin and she is sleeping even as we speak. She actually has been a perky, happy little lady until last night. She slept through the night but did get a runny (although clear) nose and a cough during the evening.
So here is a rundown of what Kate is doing at 15 months and also what she did at her doctor's appointment today. At 15 months Kate-
  1. Can say "nana (banana), diapuur (diaper), mama, dada, dis (this), and uh-oh (among other things that we can't understand quite yet!)."
  2. She has signs for the words-more, drink, please, baby, hello, bye-bye and love.
  3. She likes to make dog, monkey, cat, and lion noises.
  4. She walks, runs, walks (loves to take her wet diapers to the trash can after a diaper change), walks backwards (at times), climbs everything, and dances.
  5. Kisses and hugs with her arms wrapped around your neck are favorites of hers.
  6. She has several nicknames: Baby Kate, Katers, Katers-Potaters, Katie-love, Katie-pie, Baby Cakes, Kate-Kate, Cutie-patootie (I am thinking that may be it--but there may be more that I am not thinking of at the moment.)
  7. She LOVES to rub her ears and suck on her paci or her thumb (whatever is available at the moment), hence another reason why it is difficult for me to know if she has an ear infection or not.
  8. She has a shoe fetish. I AM NOT KIDDING! Loves, loves, LOVES her shoes (especially the fancy ones)! Also, I am proud to say...will USUALLY keep her bows/flower clips in her hair for the entire day (keeping cute sunglasses on her face--another story!)!
  9. Her nurse, Joni, asked her to stack blocks, feed a baby a bottle, toss a ball, and put a crayon into a small jar (in and out).
  10. Kate played a hilarious game of "keep away" with Joni and I today. We couldn't stop laughing.
  11. Weighs 23 pounds (that is in the 50+ percentile)
  12. Head measures at 18 inches around (50th percentile)
  13. Length is at 31 1/2 inches (90th percentile)
  14. Recieved on shot (Pneumo Conj. 4) and was a trooper through the whole bit).
  15. Dr. Becker gives all of her patients a book when they come in for their well-check appointments each time. That is something we always look forward to. Today she was presented with a picture book called, "In the Kitchen."
Nathan hugged and kissed her while we were waiting for her antibiotics to show that he cared. He is really sweet with her. The other morning he woke up and Kate was still sleeping. I asked him if he wanted to eat something for breakfast. He simply replied, "I will wait until Katie-pie wakes up, then I will eat breakfast." :)

Corey, Nathan and I love this little girl of ours dearly and feel so blessed to have her in our lives!


Kim said...

You are, most certainly, blessed with that little one! LOVE the yellow outfit, by the way!!! Kim

Melissa Rogers said...

That's a good update! She has changed so much since the last time I saw her. Can't wait to see all of you again!

Anonymous said...

These photos of Kate are great! Wish we could see her more often - so many changes in such a little amount of time. Glad her doctor's appointment went well.

Marcella Gustafson said...

How did I do anonymous? I can't remember from one time to the next how to post a comment! Love, Mom (just in case it does it again)