Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Last weekend Mimi and Poppy drove down with their trailer and we all loaded up for camping on the Guadalupe River.
We had a fun Friday night getting everything all set up, eating and playing around. On Saturday morning we walked down to an area of the river called, "The Devil's Playground." It was a neat area with small rapids, rocky shallow areas and a few deep areas. Poppy and Nathan began fishing right away. Corey also took Nathan down "the rapids" with a little inflateable boat. I guess I didn't get any pictures of the rapids...Kate enjoyed playing in the water as well, mostly walking around in it and tossing rocks.
While Nathan and Poppy were fishing, they managed to catch a few perch. That was pretty exciting. Of course, they tossed them back in (more like they flopped for their life out of their hands back into the water)! :)
Around noon, dark clouds swept over the area and rain began pouring pretty hard. We headed into the trailer just as it was all beginning. That is when I was especially thankful for the trailer! We ate lunch and Nathan and Kate took great afternoon naps! After the naps, it was still pretty wet and dark outside, so we decided to head into New Braunfels and watch a movie, "Earth."
Then we came back to our site we grilled hamburgers and hung out.
Nathan was able to stay an extra night with Mimi and Poppy and head back down to the river one last time the next morning.
We had a good time all together and I know Nathan was beyond excited about the whole weekend. I am glad we were able to do it!

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Anonymous said...

So much fun! I am looking forward to our family going camping sometime. Love the pictures! What great memories have been made.