Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well, today I turned the big 31! So to recognize this special event in my life I decided to make a list of 31 slightly random things about me! Here it goes:
  1. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with an incredible family!

  2. I have an amazing circle of friends!

  3. I love decaf. iced coffees (mochas or hazelnuts flavors are my favorites)! Thanks, Corey for the yummy one this morning!

  4. I was born in Hawaii, but was pretty little when I left--so I would LOVE to go back and visit!

  5. I am totally interested in crafty things, but have yet to really figure out things like a sewing machine!

  6. I enjoy photography, especially taking pictures of people.

  7. I am a BIG fan of shows like Top Chef, Project Runway, Amazing Race...mmmm...reality TV! :)

  8. I thoroughly enjoy cooking--trying new dishes, chopping things finely, using interesting is just fun to me!

  9. Reading cookbooks or food magazines is also a fun past time for me.

  10. I really love it when someone else volunteers to clean up the kitchen and wipe everything down when I am finished cooking! Hint, hint--Corey! :)

  11. I love to read children's books TO children! Nathan and now Kate and I really enjoy trips to the library or reading in their bedrooms during the day or right before bedtime.

  12. I "heart" The Office!

  13. ...and possibly Parks and Recreation...just kinda checking it out now!

  14. Favorite ice cream: Coffee

  15. Favorite chocolate: dark

  16. Favorite candy: gummy bears (must be "Haribo" brand, though!)

  17. Love Dr. Pepper!

  18. Really love hanging out with Corey--talking, watching movies, Nightline or The Office, reading blogs or other fun things together.

  19. Watching my kids accomplish new things is one of my greatest joys in life!

  20. I LOVE it when, just out of the blue, Nathan will tell me, "Mom...I love you!" Melts my heart...!

  21. Kate's kisses get me everytime!

  22. Favorite chore: Sweeping

  23. Least favorite chore: Putting clean clothes away

  24. Dusting comes is my second least favorite...since we are on the subject.

  25. I enjoy board games.

  26. I sincerely like talking about Youth Ministry with Corey.

  27. I do not have a "green thumb".

  28. I have a fetish with pillows and sleep with 3 of them on my side of the bed. :)

  29. I love grocery shopping...anyone else out there?!

  30. It usually rains on my birthday, but hasn't yet today!

  31. I am going to make Proverbs 31 my passage for this year!


Anonymous said...

I like the one you put for #31. :)
Glad you had a nice birthday.

Marcella Gustafson said...

#9 - Me, too.
#10- I'll have to come for a visit and do that for you.
#17 - Amazing. I remember a hot day at an Army picnic out on the range in NC that only had soda, and you would have rather died of thirst than to drink it. We looked all over something else for you to drink.
#29 - You have this in common with my mom!!!

Glad your special day was a good one!

Melissa Rogers said...

#4- We are in the same boat...therefore we need to go together!!

#6- You would love my photojournalism class!

#23- I have that problem too....

#29- I love grocery shopping too!

Anonymous said...

My roommate in Yuma used to say we could make a day out of going out to buy paper towels. Yes, I love grocery shopping! I think it is an acceptable way of indulging my shopping drive without any explanations! Jeanine

Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Dear Friend!!! I'm so glad to be a part of your life. And I loved your list. What a great idea and will be fun to look back on!