Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nathan's gifts

What is it about a child giving you a gift? The twinkle in their eyes, the smile of anticipation to see your expression when it is given to you? Nathan is always choosing sweet flowers to give to not just me...but his little sister, Kate, as well! I LOVE that he thinks of her, too! It just makes the gifts even more special!
Last night, Nathan presented me with a deep purple chenille stemmed necklace with beads of hand-handrolled magazine. As soon as I tried it on...I loved it, not only because it went well with my chocolate colored shirt, but because it was created with "mom" in mind and he couldn't wait for me to open his Pre-K choir classroom door that night at church and see the look on my face when he presented it to me! That makes it more of a treasure to me then he will probably ever know!


Kim said...

I LOVE your description of the beautiful handmade necklace that he gave you! You are such a Mom!!! And I mean that in the highest regard because I know exactly how you feel! :) I remember that headband you wore all day because Nathan gave it to you to wear in the morning and he kept checking all day to make sure you still had it on!! Too cute!

Marcella Gustafson said...

This is such a precious story. You know, I still have a macaroni necklace in my jewelry box one of you girls made me. I remember proudly wearing it for Mother's Day that year. It actually sounds like he made a great piece of jewelry! Can't wait to see it and brag on him.