Thursday, June 18, 2009

Way Down Deep In the Deep Blue Sea

We love our public library, especially in the summertime. They have great activities and shows for the children and Nathan really loves it. Throughout the year we go once a week to get books. In the last month we have managed to get Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea twice. Nathan enjoys this book because it is all about the ocean and the animals that you can find down there. The little boy in the story appears to be snorkeling in the ocean for a treasure for "his mama and me" and on each page finds a new sea creature. Although each page is slightly different it does have a repeatable pattern. For lunch last week, I made the "not famous by me," but very new and exciting to Nathan: "Octopus Hotdogs"...and macaroni and cheese. He has eaten an entire "Octopus Hotdog" twice now, which is saying a lot for my little guy who is usually way to busy to be interested in eating much of anything. Last night we also did an extension to the book. At the end of story you find that the boy is not snorkeling in the sea, but using his imagination with toys and goggles in the bathtub. So I put on Nathan's Spiderman goggles and letting him search for sea creatures (aka watertoys) in his bath last night. What fun!

Continuing with the theme of water, here are some pictures of Nathan and Kate at a couple of the children's parks at Schlitterbahn.


Anonymous said...

Very cute idea with the hotdog! I love it! You are such a good mom. The waterpark looks like tons of fun. Wish we had something like that nearby.

Kim said...

Summer is SO much more fun when you have kids! I love it alot more now than I use to. What a great time at Schlitterbahn! Looks like fun was had by all! And the octopus hotdog?!! An awesome idea that I've never seen before! Thanks for sharing that one!