Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Reflections about "baby" Kate

I keep having these moments where I mourn that Kate's first year is almost over. Literally, my throat aches and I think I am going to start to cry! I keep remembering holding her when she was so teeny tiny and thinking I can't believe she f-i-n-a-l-l-y here and I can finally see her face to face! Her little characteristics, her girlish features--already there.
I remember when Nathan would look up at me and get real close to her and say, "Mommy, we have a baby!" Like, he too, could not believe she had arrived. Kate has been an incredible blessing to our family. She has taught us to love more and laugh more. Corey and I always look forward to catching a glimpse of Nathan and Kate interacting together. It is one of those silent, sweet moments that we share together. Life has definitely become more challenging, but we would never trade it for the world. Here are a few pictures from Kate's first year.

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Marcella Gustafson said...

And to think I still have the same feelings toward my children who are much older than 1-year-old!