Monday, February 2, 2009

Messy Monday

So, we had one of those let-loose, messy days. Nathan worked on a birthday gift for Kate. That turned into, "Hey mommy, wouldn't it be fun to paint my tummy next?" So....I did...and it was fun. He offered to paint my tummy, but I opted for a lovely "spider" painting on my hand. :) I'll show you the completed project later.
Kate thoroughly enjoyed her pasta tonight. The proof is in the pictures. After dinner and a warm bubble bath, I lathered them in lotion and put on their pajamas. While Kate was in my room, I was distracted momentarily by Nathan in the kitchen. I returned to my room...walked into the bathroom and found a large bottle of Johnson's and Johnson's Baby Shampoo-cap off-poured out all over the floor. In the middle of all of the thick, soapy goo was a happy Kate spinning her hands in circles through the shampoo, sliding her thighs (remember...the long pajamas are already on her) in it and smiling as she globbed handfuls of it into her already washed and dried hair. Needless to say it was quite a sight and quite a mess (although our bathroom smells divine). After a second bath for Katers, I was ready to call it a night. I am sad to say I did not grab the camera for the shampoo pit.


Kim said...

I do SO love the smell of J&J Baby Shampoo! I guess it could've been worse! ;)

Marcella said...

Boy, these little snippits will be great memories for you when they get big and you start the "I remember when..." stories. Kids usually love to hear about everything they did when they were young.