Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kate's update

Today, Kate went in for her 12 month well-check. She weighed in at 22.4 pounds, was 31 inches long--a healthy, happy baby! We also learned today that even though her APF tumor marking levels were at 60 at the beginning of January, they have since dropped to 17. Great news! Corey and I are looking forward to Friday, where we will take Kate to her orthopedic, Dr. Prince (at Dell Children's). She will get a more accurate x-ray at this appointment, since she can stand on her own now. She will also talk to us about getting her fitted for a shoe lift for her right leg. Yeah!


Anonymous said...

That's good to hear that everything is going well. Kate and Aaron weigh about the same! Hope the other doctor's appt. goes well too. It will be nice when she gets that shoe lift too!

Marcella Gustafson said...

I don't understand everything you said, but I am happy the appointment went so well and there is such a positive change on her tumor markers. The picture of her is absolutely cute as can be. She is so photogenic.

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Oh, she is just lovely. I am glad to hear it was good news at this appointment. I'm assuming Friday's went well, too?